Our PHILOSOPHY is based on offering the best quality, professionalism, efficiency and a customized customer-care.

Quality is our main target. Thus we have put together a team of proof-readers with a broad experience on several fields and who are in charge of the revision of every text before it is presented to our customer and so we can guarantee a total lack of language and/or typographic mistakes.

Traducciones Tagoror carefully selects specialized native translators according to the specific characteristics of the project itself.

Speed is as relevant as precision. We adapt ourselves to your needs and your delivery dates. After the document has been delivered to you our work still goes on. We prepare a specific glossary for every client in order to guarantee coherence in the proper use of terminology in all our future collaborations with the client.

Our services include:

  • Translation service
  • Simultaneaous interpreting
  • Transcription
  • Several other supporting services
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